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Histories and memories of the school during the Estado Novo period in Portugal.

A look into the sociodynamics of Moles and the social memory of Halbwachs

Starting from the thesis that social memory is sociodynamic and that remembrance reflects asocio-spatial-temporal mnemonic movement of biographical events, we propose reflections on how schooltime memories manifest themselves and what meanings are attributed to them. From semi-structured inter-views applied in 2017 to teachers who taught during Estado Novo, we call upon qualitative analysis for thetreatment of collected data. The narratives revealed that the memories emerge paradoxically nostalgic andcritical to the contexts associated with the Regime, announcing a narrative in constant dialogue of the pastwith the present, especially regarding the notion of authority and the teacher-student relationship.

Full text available: https://www.researchgate.net/publication/360576653_Historias_e_Memorias_da_Escola_do_Tempo_do_Estado_Novo_em_Portugal_Um_olhar_sob_a_perspectiva_sociodinamica_de_Moles_e_da_Memoria_Social_de_Halbwachs