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Context and memory narratives

How does the context influence memory narratives?

The memories of the events, biographical or not, are reconstructed in the memory narratives. In this way, the recollection, or at least, the recollection narrative is influenced by the context (past and present). But, how does the context influence the registration of the biographical event and the narrative of remembrance? How can Context Theory help us to understand the influence of time on narratives?

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Biographical memory and narrative memory

Can non-biographical memory become biographical memory as it is absorbed and reconstructed in the narrative of memory?

The narrative of memory dialogues with the ‘time of the ‘experience recorded’ and the ‘time of the narrative of remembrance’. Paul Ricoeur in “Time and Narrative” indicates the paradoxalities of the hermeneutic circle between the act of narrating the fact (remembered) and temporal dynamics. What can be understood about the plasticity of time in the dialogues of memory? Something that Ricoeur himself will later explore in “Memory, History and Forgetting”. But would this temporal plasticity be a relevant factor in the transformation of non-biographical memory into biographical memory?

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