By Rooney Pinto
Rooney Pinto is PhD in Contemporary Studies at the Center for Interdisciplinary Studies of University of Coimbra (CEIS20-UC-Portugal). The Doctoral Research it’s about the “Memory and Education: Narratives of memories from school time during Estado Novo in Portugal”, starting from a socio-historical approach and adopting a socio dynamic perspective, addressing the issue of memory in the interface with education. Collaborating Researcher on the Group of Educational Policies, Organizations and Educational Dynamics on the CEIS20-UC. Master’s Degree in History of Art, Heritage and Cultural Tourism (University of Coimbra) and other one in Marketing and Communication (ESEC/ESTGOH-Portugal). Specialist in History of Art (University of Coimbra) and graduated in Artistic Education with Qualification in Drawing (UFRN-Brazil).